Social Justice Video, Speeches

Social Justice Mission Statements

Video of students in the Social Justice Leadership Program delivering end-of-year Mission Statments (click name to activate):

2009-2010:  Katie Ullman, Sadye Sagov, Chris Yee Paulson

Social Justice video on the web

The Story of Bottled Water:  From the Story of Stuff  

Nerdfighting in Bangladesh:  Us versus them mentality

Silent Beats: Racial Profiling

Historic speeches for social justice

Film in the curriculum

The Girl in the Cafe:  The Girl In The Cafe is a feature film with Bill Nighy and Kelly MacDonald, and was part of the MakePovertyHistory campaign. This website is home of The Girl In The Cafe on tour project, a project inspired by the film.  We use the film to raise questions about courage, poverty and more--and to eat pizza one night in the Fall.

Race, The Power of an Illusion:  What is race--and what is not?  If it is a "social construction" then how do we explain racism?  The film examines biology, evolution and use of race to segregate and rationalize structural barriers the maximize power for some and make it elusive for others.

Thirst:   Is water part of a shared "commons," a human right for all people? Or is it a commodity to be bought, sold, and traded in a global marketplace? "Thirst" tells the stories of social movements in Bolivia, India, and the United States that are asking these fundamental questions.

Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making us Sick?  The series crisscrosses the nation uncovering startling new findings that suggest there is much more to our health than bad habits, health care, or unlucky genes. The social circumstances in which we are born, live, and work can actually get under our skin and disrupt our physiology as much as germs and viruses. 

Scout's Honor:  The project traces the conflict between the anti-gay policies of the Boy Scouts of America and the broad-based movement by many of its members to overturn them. The story is told predominantly through the experiences of a 13-year old boy and a 70-year-old man - both heterosexual, both dedicated to the Scouts, and both determined to change the course of Scouting history.


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